Technology is our friend: Celebrities in social media
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March 9, 2010

Celebrities in social media

My other presentations in this blog so far:
Web 2.0 and big corporations - Why doesn't it work (yet)? - A plea to let employees participate in social media for the good of the company.
Influence of social media on marketing communication - An overview (Q2/2009) of the deep impact social media has not only on online communication, but on the perception of a company and its communication as a whole.
New media ecosystems - Presentation that outlines strategic threats (an opportunities) with the more-and-more developing "closed" online content distribution approaches like app stores or e-book readers.
Quick guide on social media strategies - A selection of sample slides and a general description of what to consider when creating a social media strategy (not concept). Based on experiences with several clients.
Open letter to the film industry - A presentation designed for a speaker engagement to prove how the film industry ignores who pays the bills in the end.

For an undisclosed prospect i am currently preparing a strategy on how to enter and utilize social media as a celebrity. As a by-product, some of the more general observations and findings are displayed in this presentation.