Technology is our friend: Ever heard of DECE LLC?
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March 3, 2010

Ever heard of DECE LLC?

Until early this year, i did not either. It is the - attention - Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) initiative. It promises to set a standard for digital media distribution, allowing us to buy any kind of content once, store it "in the cloud" and play it anywhere. 

Unlike today, when we buy a DVD and are not allowed to copy it on our own hard disk so we could produce copies for our mobile phones or other devices, which pretty much is like buying a jeans but not being allowed to wear it at night. The DECE consists of nearly 50 companies now, including heavyweights like 5 of the six major film studios, Microsoft, Best Buy, Netflix, Comcast, Motorola, HP, Toshiba, Verisign and others. Disney has its own format, Keychest

But Apple is missing. Probably they like the idea, but are just too busy setting a standard with Apple TV plus the ipad and secure control over the "movie end devices" just like they did with phones and music (the ibookstore is not all the ipad will be used for). Most of the other device manufacturers, especially of TelCos, DVRs and TVs, are also missing. But Apple is the only one that seems to have its own strategy. I wonder if all the device manufacturers haven't learned anything from what Apple did to them (TelCo) or how they got into the LCD pricewar (TV), becoming an exchangeable piece of hardware you simply need to enjoy movies? Or do they all have their own (probably evil .-) strategies already in the making? It would be nice to see a few competitors rise up to Apple.