Technology is our friend: The Facebook Imperative is simply true
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March 10, 2010

The Facebook Imperative is simply true

Although it is a bit of a salespitch for a beta version of some extension, its chairman Marc Benioff discusses a simple question that many of us have probably had in mind as well:

"Why isn't all enterprise software like Facebook?"

This question is more than legitimate; it is more or less necessary. Facebook enables you to update your friends with any kind of relevant info: where you are, what you are up to, what interesting links you want to share, what you are reading etc. Transferring this from friends to colleagues and co-workers, it describes exactly what most companies do not achieve: a flow of information and knowledge sharing in realtime. The only thing missing would be a "documents pool" with some collaborative features (that we can find on Wave and Buzz).
So many companies spent a fortune on their intranets and on collaboration platforms, and i haven't seen a single one that really worked well (most intranets serve as a better phone directory). Being involved in many projects where teams are formed by employees and freelancers with different locations, a closed Facebook group under some goofy name would have served our purposes a lot better than the actual enterprise platforms we are forced to use. And even department heads or CEOs who complain they would have detached with their workforces because they would be too busy to conduct team meetings on a regular basis (etc.) would have a great opportunity with a Facebook-like, company-internal profile to share critical presentations, thoughts, inspirations and let every employee know what they are up to.
So here's two TechCrunch articles that are worth reading: Take your time for
this and that.

We can only wish that not only marketeers and PR guys ask how they can utilize social media. For internal communications, its tools and mechanics may even be more powerful.