Technology is our friend: Google to focus on mobile
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March 4, 2010

Google to focus on mobile

"The Desktop is irrelevant within three years" - that's the tagline of a PC World Article, and the guy who said that is John Herlihy, Google vice-president of Global Ad Operations. The web's reactions, especially from guys who just bought a 3000€-desktop-gaming-machine, were harsh at best. 

 So Dell is dead? No. When a Google exec says something like that, he means that the desktop will be irrelevant for Google. They care about search and anything that happens "in the cloud". So a sentence like this shouldn't be a big surprise: Chrome is supposed to become an OS and Android delivers one search-related app after another. And their dominance on stationary-internet-generated search is undoubted. What we all would need though might be data flatrates at affordable prices. Inside the EU, you will pay 6cents per 10KB when accessing mobile internet outside your country. I wonder if Google will tackle that someday. Interesting stuff anyway.