Technology is our friend: Transparent markets
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March 4, 2010

Transparent markets

For over a decade we are discussing how markets are getting more and more transparent; that consumer knowledge would increase thanks to modern technologies and how companies would be forced to more reasonable pricing, cost/value relation etc. When asked for examples, we always referred to Amazon reviewsprice comparison platforms and similar stuff.
We knew it was only the beginning, but there was not much more to show to product managers and advertisers. Now there is one thing that proves that there won't be any industry that would eventually escape from this development. Japanese researchers have just launched a technology that allows to visualize omega9 acid in beef via infrared. 
For those who do not know: This acid indicates how tasty and tender the meat is. So some day, any consumer with a camera&online device like an iphone will be able to scan the meat in the supermarket for quality: One possibility less to sell an overpriced product, thanks to the guys from Gifu-University. There will be more, and more, and more in any industry. Interesting stuff.