Technology is our friend: April 2010
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April 30, 2010

John Batelle interview

John Batelle, one of the smartest guys in the internet, with very interesting insights about the future of media and advertising.

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April 27, 2010

Wieviel Geld sollte noch in eine Brand-Homepage fließen?

Momentan ist NBA-Playoff-Zeit. Das bedeutet, dass sich meine Tage verschieben und ich oft nachts – via Laptop auf dem Flatscreen – US-Fernsehen auf verschiedensten Sendern schaue. Abgesehen davon, dass man in der Anzahl weit mehr Spots je Sendestunde zu sehen bekommt als bei uns, ist es sehr auffällig, dass extrem viele Marken, unter anderem Werbe-Schwergewichte wie "Miller Lite", nicht mehr ihre Homepages, sondern ihre Facebook-Seiten bewerben.
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April 26, 2010

April 18, 2010

Digital Natives sind auch alt - jetzt kommen die echten Media Junkies

Für ein Projekt habe ich in der letzten Woche viel über Twens und deren Mediennutzung recherchiert. Die waren im Jahr 2000 im Schnitt irgendwas um 15, 16 Jahre alt und kennen demnach kaum ein Leben ohne Browser - sie leben hochgradig vernetzt, sind "always on" und managen ihre persönlichen Beziehungen ein "bisschen anders" als die 40+ - Generation. Dann aber fand ich eine Studie über 8-18jährige - zwar in den USA, aber wir können wie immer darauf wetten, dass sich die dortigen Verhältnisse mit ein wenig Verzögerung auch hier einstellen werden - und unsere Twens kommen mir schon wieder alt vor.
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April 9, 2010

The new digital divide? Couch vs. Desk

The iPad and especially iAds revealed that Apple obviously thinks that an open internet in browsers sucks. They cannot kill it at once, so here’s their step-by-step-approach: They are working on a new digital divide. Apple builds an Internet for couch potatoes. An Internet that they can control.

While using the web from your desk you will have a keyboard, a mouse and a screen that is not owned by anybody, and is something like your open app store. You are able to comment on articles, publish your own stuff, move easily from one to the other site and perform searches. You find unexpectedly relevant stuff by searching or from other users’ recommendations. You can discover stuff that you never thought it could exist.
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April 6, 2010

Jeff Jarvis finally says it

I loved his book "What would Google do" and Jeff's strict approach to the internet as a dialogue, two-way, open communication platform where everyone can do pretty much anything. Since I read the book I visited his blog buzzmachine almost daily - and I knew from an older post, a very old post, that Jeff would be an iPhone user. How could someone who is so strictly oriented on dialogue, participation and exchange that he gives a speech at a conference entitled "Sorry, this is Bullshit" because it followed a "one-speaks-others-listen"-structure, how could someone like that use an iPhone and get an iPad without even saying anything about the old-school, control-oriented, closed internet approach over apps, especially when Google is trying to do the exact opposite? Well, the day came, and here are just 2 sentences:

"The iPad is retrograde. It tries to turn us back into an audience again. That is why media companies and advertisers are embracing it so fervently."


"So I see the iPad as a Bizarro Trojan Horse. Instead of importing soldiers into the kingdom to break down its walls, in this horse, we, the people, are stuffed inside and wheeled into the old walls."

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April 3, 2010

April 2, 2010

John Batelle - You have to love this guy

Strong blog read recommendation: John Batelle's Blog.
Thoughtful and funny, and I need to just copy his post from yesterday. There's nothing to add.

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