I was going to post...
...That Twitter had been sold, for 1.75 billion, to Google (who would pay that, I'd reckon).
...That MySpace had been sold, for 250 million, to Viacom (who would pay that, just to rub it into Murdoch's face).
...That Google had announced it was only kidding about China, and was ready to play ball again with the PRC.
...That Facebook had made all public actions available in its API (oh wait, that's going to be true!)
....That Foursquare announced it was no longer doing high profile deals and instead was going to focus on its product.
....That Yahoo and AOL were merging.
....That Microsoft had won the iPhone and iPad search business
...That Apple was opening up the iTunes store to web crawling, made peace with Adobe, and was launching an effort to create an SDK that ported iPhone/Pad apps to Android
...That Amazon had launched a payment business to compete with PayPal
...That eBay had bought Skype, again.
....and that Nokia had bought RIM.