Technology is our friend: Donations 2.0 from a user point of view
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May 24, 2010

Donations 2.0 from a user point of view

I donated another 10 Bucks for Haiti today. Yes, they still need money. Haven’t heard anything from there for the last months, and it was not a TV show or print ad that made me do it, but a high degree of digital integration. That’s how it goes nowadays... checking my daily Conan O'Brien tweet:

So it was fun and not philanthropy that got me there. And, of course, I clicked the link. Again, for fun, to see the "TV props" announced.

How cool is that? Robert DeNiro telling Ashton Kutcher to re-tweet it....
....In an embedded Youtube-Video on ebay. By right clicking, you can choose to "watch on youtube", so you could embed it on your Facebook page.

Which i did. But way cooler than embedding is that instant "Donate now"-button below the video.

You can choose between "nothing" (and a lot of bad karma) or 10 USD.

Being an Android user, everything is already filled out with Google checkout. It's as simple as shopping with Amazon.

You even get a German "Spendenquittung". Excellent. 5 minutes tops, thanks to deep integration of one site with another (and another and another). There's a lot to learn here, not only for non-profits.