Technology is our friend: Will new IE9 start a comeback?
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September 16, 2010

Will new IE9 start a comeback?

Since Internet Explorer 9 has been released today and personally I find it quick, slick and smart, I wonder if Microsoft will be able to get back market share - qualitative market share with the internet-savvy. I thought it would be interesting to check on the browser share on this site and see - in a year or so - if something has changed. According to Wikipedia, the browser share worldwide in August 2010 looks like this:

Internet Explorer leads (probably many IE6 and IE7 versions out there), followed by Firefox. All others are minor matters. Now, on THIS specific site here, the browser shares are as follows:

Firefox and Chrome are the big two. Safari is closing in. And the "minor  matters" start with Internet Explorer. I hope I will remember to check back on these figures in a year, keen to see if anything significant will have happened.