Technology is our friend: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUPER MARIO
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September 14, 2010


Besides the Commodore 64, I don't think there is anything more symbolic for my generation and its relation to electronics than "Super Mario" himself. On September 13, 1985, the first "Super Mario Brothers" game was introduced in Japan. Super Mario taught us that it is not the looks nor the preconditions that will bring us to the princess, a metaphor for success in any part of our lives, it's the heart. Happy Birthday, Mario.

There's a thousand reasons why you have to love Mario, but if you're interested, you will find my top 10 below.

Number 10:
Mario cheats with his age .-) He is supposed to be 25 years old, but even I got to know him earlier. At least I am pretty sure that I posessed this console (which in appearance is shockingly close to a Nintendo DS of today) before 1985. And Mario (I always imagined him as a janitor) appeared in Donkey Kong from as early as 1981.

I don't know how many hours I spent with this thing. Yet, it reminds me not to be too harsh with Nintendo-DS-addicted kids nowadays.

Number 9:
The 'Stache. Mario wears a supermale, superthick, superstrong Mustache, keeping it real.

Don't get caught in public with a naked upper lip!

Number 8:
Mario is modern. Even if he cheats with his age and does not keep up with the latest fashion, he goes with the times.

Hard to imagine that "Mario today" will look old when we have Mario 2020 holo-sphering through our livingrooms.

Number 7:
Super Mario, even before he was super, did not need a Hammer or any other tools. At least at the beginning.

Number 6:
Mario inspired so many freaks to do so many great things.

Like working a few years on that song.

Number 5:
Mario has the cutest friends.

And the coolest brother, by the way.

Number 4:
Even the villains are cute.

That punkfish, cheep cheep, I would keep as a pet.

Number 3:
Mario has just the coolest products in the world.

I would kill for a pair of those in my size.

Number 2:
Women love Mario.

Scratch me, baby.

The Number 1 reason why you have to love Mario:
He gets the princess.

Poor job, beer belly, strange family, huge 'stache: who cares.
You can achieve anything you want if you try hard enough.