Technology is our friend: What the Windows Phone 7 campaign says between the lines
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October 12, 2010

What the Windows Phone 7 campaign says between the lines

At first sight, these beautifully produced ads were a little confusing. But after a while, as an old advertiser, I think I got the idea: They simply don't talk to me. They do not target iPhone-, Android- and Blackberry-Freaks immediately but rather go for the HUGE market of people who do not own a smartphone yet (and perceive us in a way that is shown in this ad). As good advertising always says: "Who are you when you buy this product?", the answer clearly is "not a nerd-o like these friends of yours who have smartphones for years now - you will find the right balance between smartphone use and enjoying the 'here and now' with a Windows Phone 7".
Smart? Probably. But even more noteworthy, this means that Microsoft obviously sees only 3, max 4 mobile OS to survive. With iPhone and Android set, there are only 1 or 2 places left in the market. To conquer one of those, they rather target people who don't own a smartphone yet, like an estimated 107% of Nokia's clients. It might actually work.