Technology is our friend: October 2010
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October 28, 2010

Vortrag: Lokal, vernetzt und always on.

Diesen Vortrag habe ich auf einem Trend- und Kommunikationstag der Deutschen Post und des Deutschen Franchiseverbandes gehalten. Es geht dort insbesondere um Mechaniken im Online2Offline-Commerce. Wie soziale Netzwerke und mobile, location-abhängige Kommunikation in Echtzeit für Inhaber von Lokalen genutzt werden können. Sicher nichts für Nerds and Geeks, aber "worth sharing", finde ich. Im hier eingebetteten Fenster kann die Präsentation im Vollbild-Modus aufgerufen werden, über Slideshare kann man den Vortrag auch als PDF downloaden.

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October 22, 2010

Video games will be better than reality, one day

Check out this video posted by German chief basketball blogger Andre "Dre" Voigt in his facebook account. It shows the development of basketball video games and by accident pretty much the development during my lifetime (I had that very first Atari mentioned here and it is a pity that two of my childhood's favourite games, Intellivision's "NBA Basketball" and "One on One" for the Commodore64 are not featured). Since i hope to add a few decades to this life though, you have to wonder where this will end: It is a matter of time, just a question of "when" (and not "if"), when we will play basketball on our game consoles that just looks like reality. And in the end even better, because we control the games, choose our favourite players, and there's a Lakers vs. Celtics Final Game 7 every night.
For us, the old guys, it will be easy to distinguish between games and reality. We will go for the "real game" anyway. But honestly: When you grow up today and you can make Jordan, Magic and Bird meet LeBron, Dr. J and Kobe every night, why bother what happens with "real basketball"?

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October 15, 2010

If this is real, it is pretty cool.

What you can do with a few mobile phones and a loudspeaker. 

Update: Super-uncool, UMG, to block the content for Germany. Again.

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October 12, 2010

What the Windows Phone 7 campaign says between the lines

At first sight, these beautifully produced ads were a little confusing. But after a while, as an old advertiser, I think I got the idea: They simply don't talk to me. They do not target iPhone-, Android- and Blackberry-Freaks immediately but rather go for the HUGE market of people who do not own a smartphone yet (and perceive us in a way that is shown in this ad). As good advertising always says: "Who are you when you buy this product?", the answer clearly is "not a nerd-o like these friends of yours who have smartphones for years now - you will find the right balance between smartphone use and enjoying the 'here and now' with a Windows Phone 7". Smart? Probably. But even more noteworthy, this means that Microsoft obviously sees only 3, max 4 mobile OS to survive. With iPhone and Android set, there are only 1 or 2 places left in the market. To conquer one of those, they rather target people who don't own a smartphone yet, like an estimated 107% of Nokia's clients. It might actually work.

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October 9, 2010

The future of the book

As an author, you might not need a publisher anymore, but you definately will need a designer.

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.
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October 5, 2010

Now that's a headline

See a few teaser slides (of course in flash) here.
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