Technology is our friend: The second screen really comes to life
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February 28, 2011

The second screen really comes to life

Yesterday was Oscar night. While the TV show was super-long and, at least in my eyes, pretty boring, I found myself googling and surfing all the time. What I did not know: I could have (potentially) bought my way into a more interesting TV show. For iOS, it would have been 9.99 USD.

Here, you would get additional information on actors, movies and a live stream from the pre- and post show. Funny enough that the "PC app" - that you could access via a browser in your tablet or, very super oldschool, with your netbook or laptop on your knees, would only cost 4.99 USD, but would feature a technology called "360 cam" - the possibility to choose between 15 camera angles.

Of course, this was (as always) only available in the US, and I did not find any source (yet) that would reveal how many apps and web accesses were sold.

Additionally, the Oscars are not really the thing I am into the most. But if I imagine I could have a soccer coverage where I could choose an additional camera angle on my smartphone, tablet or netbook while watching the telecast, where i could interact with my friends, get FB and Twitter-Streams, Check-In to the match to participate in some raffle and maybe place bets in real-time: Yes, I would probably pay a few Euros for that.

I haven't made up my mind if TV stations should not offer all this for free to increase engagement and make more people tune in, but on the long run, apps like these can become pretty interesting streams of revenue. And if they were free, maybe they could be financed through extending the advertisements on the TV screen with direct response apps on your second screen. Coming from a time where people were debating if it would be ok to have two TV sets in one household, I am now looking forward to watch TV while handling at least one additional screen. Times do change.