Technology is our friend: Do-it-yourself ad... becomes TV ad?
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April 13, 2011

Do-it-yourself ad... becomes TV ad?

If this is not some marketing gag, it is pretty cool: A freelancer guy loves Windows Phone 7 and showcases his skills with a self-made video:

This gets viewed over 100.000 times, so he produces a second one - and now Microsoft reacts and announces that if it reaches 200k views, they will put it on TV.

Nice bet: You get a lot of people to watch and avertise it via social media, so there is nothing to lose. And if you actually reach 200k views, it might be worth the invest to then show it on TV and get more PR about it etc. Well played, Microsoft.

Here is the ad they would put on TV (probably in a cut 20 or 30 second version) - personally, i like the first one better.