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May 14, 2011

Wow: An innovation from Germany

It's been a while. Here we have something really interesting, straight out of Berlin and not from Fraunhofer or some corporate lab, but just from two obviously smart guys: A tablet magazine, but not as an app - it's full HTML 5. I still don't know if for publishers this is good news since apps are ideal to charge people for your content - but 30% will be kept in by the app store rpovider anyway. On the other hand, news and magazine content is always dependent on the mass of people you are able to reach, and with full HTML, you can serve every tablet out there with just one version. That should save a lot of production and development money and increase potential reach dramatically.
From a consumer perspective, it is a clear win: No app store, no fragmentation, no matter which device you use. If Nico Engelhardt and Johannes Ippen, the two Berlin designers who produced this showcase, manage to incorporate comments, sharing and other interactive and social features, they really might be onto something. I think it's amazing to see something like this in a browser. Have a look:

aside magazine Trailer from aside magazine.