Technology is our friend: July 2011
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July 18, 2011

The real question is just WHEN

Anyone who deals with technology and internet comes to the point when predictions have to be made, wether it is asking yourself or being asked by friends or a client. We have 15+ years experience with the world wide web now, and I think there are patterns we can learn from, from Moore's law of exponential growth in technology to accelerating change as we can see in this chart from RWW:
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July 16, 2011

And now to something completely different: Eye tracking

Very interesting eye tracking study - gender specific. Find the full slideset here.
Apparently, men spend more time looking in the face of half naked women (average: approx. 40% more than women do), while women generally spend more time checking out the body. Not as surprising is the fact that in the end, men don't see much more than the face - in this case, we don't care at all about the shoes .-)

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July 12, 2011

July 11, 2011

+1 is not sharing (yet)

Mashable, Business Insider and all the others report that the +1 is more widely spread than the Twitter share button. While I doubt that this really is the case, they all seem to forget that when you click +1, nothing happens unless your friends search for something and see your +1 in their search results (or see your +1 tab in your Google profile). It is far away from being a "sharing" button, at least for now (a more detailed view of this - in German - here).

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Tut mir leid, keine Gyros-Bude zu haben. Not.

Früher, da war alles einfach. Visitenkarte raus – Etatdirektor Werbeagentur, Vice President in einem New Economy-Monster und dann bei der Telekom. Das war noch respektabel. Jetzt, als Freiberufler, macht die Karte natürlich nichts mehr her. Und man würde wahrscheinlich als Geldspielautomaten-Aufsteller, Solarium-Betreiber oder Zuhälter mehr Anerkennung ernten als beim schnöden „Berater“. Und selbst dann, wenn die Leute sich vorstellen, dass man zu den Excel-Schiebern gehört, die das vegetarische Menü von der Kantinen-Speisekarte des Chemiekonzerns streichen, um Geld zu sparen, steht man besser da, als wenn man als Berater irgendwann „Internet“ oder – Gott bewahre – „Social Media“ erwähnt.
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July 8, 2011

July 5, 2011

I just like this one

Copy, modify, re-share for free while naming your source - this should be legal with everything.

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Feels like this at the moment

but maybe i am totally wrong.

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July 4, 2011

Yo Facebook, what have I done to deserve this?

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After A Few Days On Google+, I realized I Am A Social Astronaut

Article first published as After A Few Days On Google+, I Realized I Am A Social Astronaut on Technorati.
Everyone keeps talking about Google+ - so do I. After a few days on the network, I am as impressed as most people and really like the service. But has it made my life easier yet? No, absolutely not. Besides from adding to my stress level in being the third social stream I think I have to take care of (three tabs for Facebook, Twitter and Google+), a key thing I learned is that on Facebook, I was obviously navigating an astronaut cockpit and performing the most complex tasks without even noticing.
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July 1, 2011

Why does no one compare Google+ to Twitter?

Article first published in an immature, early and wrong version as 2 Things I Need To Understand In Google Plus on Technorati.

I have read many of the initial reactions to Google+ and most of them compare it to Facebook (see my previous post). Different features are compared and everyone has an opinion on how Google+ may become a "Facebook Killer" or not. What I don't really understand is why no one sees how Twitter fits in a world with Google+ and Facebook. After sleeping a night over my first couple hours in Google+, I see a far greater possibility for damage on Twitter than FB. I have published a post on Technorati, and the article was immature and... wrong. I didn't understand why Google+ offered asynchronous adding and why there wouldn't be a fanpage product. Now I understand both things.

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