Technology is our friend: After A Few Days On Google+, I realized I Am A Social Astronaut
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July 4, 2011

After A Few Days On Google+, I realized I Am A Social Astronaut

Article first published as After A Few Days On Google+, I Realized I Am A Social Astronaut on Technorati.
Everyone keeps talking about Google+ - so do I. After a few days on the network, I am as impressed as most people and really like the service. But has it made my life easier yet? No, absolutely not. Besides from adding to my stress level in being the third social stream I think I have to take care of (three tabs for Facebook, Twitter and Google+), a key thing I learned is that on Facebook, I was obviously navigating an astronaut cockpit and performing the most complex tasks without even noticing.
I never really thought about it because it was the only way these tasks could be performed, and they seemed to be a little laborious at times, but controllable. Now that Google+ exists, I have to rethink all this: When I post this there, will it be visible to whom exactly? When I click a +1 here, what happens at some other end of the internet? When I upload something there in this way, what is happening here in that way? Sometimes, it is different from Facebook. Sometimes not. Sometimes smarter, sometimes not, but the effect is that now, all of a sudden, there’s not just one but multiple perspectives on sharing and how it should be done. 

I keep seeing test posts from friends saying “who can see this” and “can you reshare that”, “please comment if you see this post”, "do you see my in-stream +1 in your search results" and whatnot. A million questions are raised and everyone tries to figure out the answers. On top of that, I keep thinking I would need a better noise control in my stream and intelligent filters beyond circles; I find myself fantasizing about features that would allow this and prevent that from happening. As unimaginable as it was to me to bring my parents to Facebook, it is just as unimaginable to bring them to Google+.

It is way too early to judge, but from what I see, at the moment, social networking online is still so complex, Google+ can’t be the ultimate answer. Maybe it will turn out to be the best we had up to now. But it just brings us closer to the right questions - not to the answers of how social networking online should really be.