Technology is our friend: The internet universe becomes social, step by step
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August 25, 2011

The internet universe becomes social, step by step

Now that all the fuzz about Facebook vs. Google+ is more or less over - Facebook reacted with some really good, G+ inspired new features and doesn't seem to have been damaged at all (1 trillion page views, 850m+ users) - we can get back to the interesting perspectives on social networks: how they interconnect with the rest of the internet and what this means for businesses. Mark Zuckerberg keeps saying that in future, all websites will be built around people instead of focusing on things or products first, and more and more websites integrate social features that enhance user value and give us a hint on how that Zuckerberg vision may come to life.

One really interesting integration comes from Ticketmaster. When I go to a concert or event, I check in on Foursquare and have an eye on my Facebook newsstream just to see if by accident some friends would also be there. Ticketmaster - in a competitive move against other ticket platforms - wants to eliminate the "accident" in that. I think this gives great value to users; if you're not in the German state of Schleswig Holstein, that is. They will find ways to destroy any innovation, I assume.

Anyway: check out the interesting Ticketmaster Demo here: