Technology is our friend: September 2011
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September 23, 2011


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Recent Facebook changes finally confirm: It is a social OS

A few days after Google+ beta-launched, Facebook announced some "awesome" new features, and many were disappointed when they came out with video chat through a Skype-integration. I saw the "awesome" thing not in the feature, but in the confirmation of their strategy: to integrate successful services and make them more social. Now, this strategy really comes to life: they integrate Spotify and a dozen other music services, as well als they integrate Hulu, and more TV&movies will definately follow soon. Many people are so excited about all this and new features like "timeline" that they forget to see what lies behind all this: A new generation of operating systems has come to life.

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September 21, 2011

Is Facebook hurting the Fanpage product?

Ever since the launch of Google+, Facebook keeps rolling out new features. The one with the biggest impact - in my eyes - is the new subscriptions feature. Facebook changed a DNA-like core mechanism: the synchronous relation between friends. You could only add someone to your friends (or let's say: you could only add someone's updates in your news feed), if the other person agreed and had your news in their stream, too. "Following" used to be the core mechanism of Twitter. You could subscribe to someone's updates without them having to read your stuff in return.
This new subscription feature, visible in two tiny little links on the left of your personal profile, has a huge impact.

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September 19, 2011

Lokale Internet-Politik: Meine Top 5-Wunschliste an die Piraten

Nein, ich darf immer noch nicht (auf Landesebene) wählen, weil ich die eine Million Unterlagen für meine doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft nicht zusammen bekomme. Und hätte ich gedurft - ich weiß auch nicht, ob ich die Piraten gewählt hätte. Dass aber rund 9% der wählenden Berliner Bürger das getan haben, ist meines Erachtens als ein Zeichen zu verstehen, und zwar als eines an die gesamte Gesellschaft – nicht nur in Berlin: Die nur mit einer Art Galgenhumor erträgliche, häufig genug zur Schau gestellte Inkompetenz der traditionellen Parteien aller Lager bei digitalen Themen nervt (fast) jeden zehnten Berliner Wähler so sehr, dass er seine Stimme einer (zu Recht oder zu Unrecht) als monothematisch wahrgenommenen „Digitalpartei“ gibt.
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