Technology is our friend: October 2011
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October 27, 2011

Truth well told

"Just taught my kids about taxes by eating 38% of their ice cream"... Follow Conan
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October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

Growing your Facebook Fanpage through “passive sharing“

For small Facebook fanpages, I still believe that Facebook Ads is the best way to grow their user base. But for bigger sites that grow by a three- or even four-digit-number of fans daily, ads are not really useful from a cost/effect-perspective when it comes to accelerating this growth. Therefore, many fanpages (incl. the small ones) try to publish a piece of content every once in while that will “maybe go something like viral" - meaning that they hope that some of their fans would share this content with their friends, so these friends would maybe get aware of that specific fanpage and like it. Since a few months ago the number of shares is publicly available with each Facebook post, and by that we can all see that this actually does happen (remember the “find the cat”-picture from a week ago with 200k+ shares?), but just like with viral videos, this only happens with a tiny, minimal, microscopic percentage of posts. Why? Because it is “active sharing”. It requires the user to make the decision to want to broadcast this piece of content to all of his/her friends, by this make a statement about himself/herself and then take the appropriate action: click “share” and maybe even write some smart statement about it. Most people don’t do this. Facebook of course noticed that, and they are working on changing it by enforcing "passive sharing".

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October 19, 2011

Vote for Peter Gentsch!

Ich glaube ja nicht an derlei Auszeichnungen und eine W&V hatte ich aufgrund der überbordenden Digitalkompetenz schon ziemlich lang nicht mehr in der Hand, wenn es sie nicht gerade bei Airberlin gab und der Playboy schon vergriffen war. Aber in diesem Fall muss ich doch meinen Support loswerden: Der sehr geschätzte Business-Partner Peter Gentsch steht zur Wahl zur (festhalten): "Most Influential Social Media Person des Jahres" (was für ein Titel), und weil da auch Herren wie Sascha Lobo und Ibo Evsan mit je x tausend Fans stehen, braucht es Obama-mäßigen Long Tail Support: Also alle für Peter voten, bitte!

Einfach über diesen Link.

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October 18, 2011

High-tech vs. social in web connected gaming

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Online identity in slow progress

I remember back in 2005 when this presentation came out and everyone in the office (I-D Media, those days) was blown away. Not only because of the great presentation style but especially because of the content. Take 15 minutes, it’s worth it.

Some 6 years later, where are we now? 

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"Quantum Levitation"

Fantasy... start your engines about what you can do with stuff like that.
via jasionadriaan
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October 12, 2011

Ich will einen Amazon-Trojaner

Jeder, der sich ein wenig für Internet oder für Politik interessiert, hat die Affäre um den Staatstrojaner und die "zu-Klischee-um-wahr-zu-sein"-Zulieferung durch DigiTask verfolgt. Das ist (wohl nicht nur) Richard Gutjahr, der zum Jahresanfang eine wunderbare Berichterstattung vom Tahrir-Platz hingelegt hat und dessen Blog man nicht nur deshalb sehr empfehlen kann, offenbar über die Hutschnur gegangen. Dieses hat zu folgendem lesenswerten Artikel geführt: "Die Anti-Terror-Lüge". Er verwendet eine Grafik, die in meinen Augen ein politisches Dilemma aufzeigt:
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