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December 5, 2011

Social Traffic

Everyone who works for a magazine, a newspaper or a tv station knows that "best xyz of the year" is always good content. This is the case for "The 45 most powerful images of 2011", too. But it is a special kind of content: everybody enjoys it, but no one really aks for it. In online media terms, it is the classic example for "unexpected relevance" (turns up in your news feed, stream) versus "expected relevance" (something you would search for, i.e. google it).
I strongly believe that brands & commercial websites need both kinds of traffic, therefore i find these charts really interesting (by Dec. 5, 2012, around 5pm): It shows how irrelevantly small Google's contribution to this massively successful article is. And of course, Facebook is the leader of the pack (it is very interesting that 113k "likes" on site will add with link posts to approx. 1,6mn views). And compared to Google, even (in Europe heavily underestimated) Reddit delivers more than the 10fold of traffic.

Find the full overview of the traffic sources here. A quick look on the top search terms will also reveal that even the search traffic came from people who have either heard of the site (word of mouth) or, more likely, had it in their news feed once and searched to re-visit.