Technology is our friend: Facebook & Forrester Study on Brand Building
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March 13, 2012

Facebook & Forrester Study on Brand Building

Interesting study in which Forrester was commissioned by Facebook to ask over 100 VPs and C-level executives from companies with 5,000+ employees in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. They issued a "blueprint" for brands in the digital age, in a "connected world". Ever since I was forced to work in all my presentations with AIDA by a client in my very early days, I look at these simplyfied models with great scepticism, but sometimes they are fairly helpful to assess ideas, concepts and strategies.
Wether or not this is part of Facebook's obviously IPO-driven plan to get companies to invest more in their platform (check this new product), you cannot ignore FB in your digital marketing mix. Of course, they can offer paid services for all four "middle disciplines", but that doesn't make them wrong. Download the study here.