Technology is our friend: Finally - Corporate Websites can be cool
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November 13, 2012

Finally - Corporate Websites can be cool

Decades ago, a new Coca Cola TV or cinema ad was an event. They lost that magic in the digital age, but at least they are paving the way for interesting, exciting and well designed corporate websites. Everything will be easier now, others can and will follow. The company's new corporate site is social, engaging, well-designed, and first and foremost content- and conversation-driven. As a consultant, I never ran into problems to explain why a corporate site should make use of all the successful techniques a common (well done) customer site exploits - but I never really had a "heavyweight example" to refer to since by some miracle, all huge companies seem to have decided to unleash all the boringness they could find into their corporate sites. These days are over. Behold - the beautiful Coca-Cola-Company site.

The main navigation features "opinions", "videos" and "blogs". The homepage is full of stories. Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique, finally adopted for corporate sites.

"Today's conversations" hopefully keeps its promise - to actually feature relevant and interesting content, day by day. Readers and debates are cited. "On journey" to the right shows "most read", "most shared", "most watched" and "most debated" - it is the site visitors who thereby create the featured content, not the head of corporate communications, who are now mostly experts in CYA-techniques and not in relevance.

 "Opinions" clearly states that you will read not (fake-)objective, but hopefully passionate and engaging content coming from individuals rather than from a corporate machine. This is a promising example that will hopefully encourage many others to go down the same path. Well done, Coca-Cola.