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November 14, 2013

Multi-Platform World - Interesting Numbers

If you are interested in current developments in the digital world, you might want to check out the new slide deck released by the Business Insider. We are not only experiencing a mobile shift, but in general a shift towards a multi-screen, multi-device world. As a digital business - or a business that relies on digital communication channels - you may need to prepare for a world where content and content delivery are completely seperated: an organizational and structural XML. You will have to ask yourself if this will be an app world rather than a browser world, and if you are (among other things: technologically) prepared to get your messages across in this new playing field: will you be able to reach your target groups on a variety of platforms and devices? Are you present in services that offer this ability? Where will your traffic come from in an "app world", walled gardens owned by operating systems, hardware and software ecosystems that may only give you a clearly defined "API-like" access under their rules?

While computing becomes ubiquitous, TV may be the next huge advertising market that digital will disrupt - and take away a large portion of its advertising business. We all know it will happen, we just don't know if this time comes in 2014 oder 2017. Anyway, the slide set is worth a look - if you have a choice, use a tablet - scrolling is a lot more conveninent than clicking through 130plus slides. Here are some of the many highlights:

"The platform shift" happening right now is spearheaded by mobile - the only growing media in "time spent":
 Note that "mobile" means "home" in more than 2/3rds of the cases. Facebook has transformed itself into a mobile company in maybe a year - not with "geo-oriented", truly mobile applications, but by simply embracing smartphones and tablets as both mobile and (predominantly) stationary devices.
However, the PC - keyboard, mouse, trackpad - will be around for another while. But you cannot expect to see any growth in that area, be it traffic, paid content or e-commerce.
Tablets are the fastest adopted technology device ever. They are well introduced, but still close to doubling the volume next year. And wait what happens when Android tablets really start to take off.
At the same time, the TV ratings are falling - not only in the US. People do enjoy watching television shows, movies, sports - it just does not have to be on linear TV.
One joke in between that is not on the Business Insider slide deck - the Oatmeal published this nice pie chart today, and I am afraid there is a lot of truth to it:
Back to business: With younger target groups, Facebook already has more reach than TV in the US:
 And it is not only social media giants who will eat TV's lunch, spreading the shows, movies and other genuine TV content on multiple platforms and devices:
If you want to understand why "multi-channel-networks are the new black" (Heiko Hebig), check out the slide deck by Business Insider.