Technology is our friend: January 2014
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January 30, 2014

Feb 11 - If we don't watch out, Skynet will happen

It's no coincidence that I brand my professional activities with "technology is our friend" - because i firmly believe (especially in a business context) that digitization and new technologies will help to create better products - and to those who offer them, better business. But this does not come for free. We have to learn, adapt, create and innovate - to make technology our friend. This goes for societies and humankind in general as well, and I have the impression that we're not trying hard enough. In this case, technology will eat us alive.
We ignore that technology will replace millions of jobs worldwide in the near future - or at least we should have a much more lively debate about coding and engineering in primary and high school and an even more open debate on an unconditional basic income. And seeing that the economic system has very basic structural flaws that lead to bizarre (at best) conditions like 85 people owning as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the world population, we use technology to optimize financial markets and carve out the structural flaws even more - make them more visible and more impactful. I don't know of any serious political effort to understand the role of computing, software and programmes in creating and deepening the financial crisis. To sum it up: It will not work that way.

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January 25, 2014

Willkommen in der Zukunft – Internet im ICE

WLAN im Zug, brought to you by Telekom und Deutsche Bahn – wie future ist das denn? Eigentlich sollten wir das ja seit 2002 haben, aber gut: man hat sich daran gewöhnt, offline Arbeiten im Zug zu erledigen oder gar von Papier zu lesen.
Telekom und Deutsche Bahn – ich denke an Maut, Stuttgart 21, Flughafen Berlin, Elchtest, ADAC, an Industrie-Desaster und Fahrkarten-Automaten. Alles Versagen von Großkonzernen konnotiere ich mit diesen Namen. Zu Unrecht natürlich. Ich habe ein schlechtes Gewissen. Ich weiß doch, wie schwer das ist.

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January 23, 2014

Just 8% of Facebook users are desktop-only

Facebook keeps saying they have become a mobile company. Proof? Only 8% are desktop exclusive users.

The data comes from Enders Analysis.
There are many implications on the strategic side of things and it should be alarming for anyone who still denies the mobile shift or assumes that "mobile users" would be mainly "outside their homes". My own usage shifts towards mobile, especially when I am at home and not working, outlined here through that nice Wolfram Alpha tool. But also on a day-to-day perspective of managing Facebook fanpages there are some implications with regards to user behaviour.

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January 22, 2014

True - NSA vs. ADAC

Via Graphitti Blog ein kleines, treffendes Bild: Stell die Digitalwelt komplett auf den Kopf, aber fass das Auto nicht an - NSA versus ADAC.

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January 20, 2014

Warum das Internet of Things meine Hoffnung auf "bessere Unternehmen" ist

Das Internet vernetzt Konsumenten, Anbieter, Händler und ohnehin alle, jetzt ja sogar auch Milliarden von Dingen, und in der Folge werden Märkte transparenter, damit Anbieter-Unterschiede offenbarer, der Konsument mächtiger und demzufolge der Service beziehungsweise die Leistung(-sbereitschaft) höher. Als Großwetter-Diagnose glaube ich daran immer noch. Vielleicht bin ich auch zu ungeduldig, aber rein als Konsument würde ich so langsam auch gern mehr davon merken.

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January 9, 2014

First impressions of the "Fairphone"

I love the idea of crowdfunding. But crowdfunding a smartphone? There's corporate giants who were big in dumbphones but somehow did not manage to develop into the touchscreen age, and now some dudes in the Netherlands want to build one? To make it even harder, a fair one, as far as possible, with regards to working conditions, materials & their origins and the environment? I didn't really think it would be possible when I spent 325 Euros some 7 months back, but obviously it is: Today, the "Fairphone" arrived. This is a signal to any company: No matter how complicated and safe your business may seem, innovation can now not only come from your competitors or highly funded start ups, it can even come from the consumers themselves. If you are not familiar with the concept, check - If you are not sure wether to buy one or not, check this presentation. And when you finally hold one in your hands, brag about it with the hashtag #wearefairphone.

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