Technology is our friend: First impressions of the "Fairphone"
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January 9, 2014

First impressions of the "Fairphone"

I love the idea of crowdfunding. But crowdfunding a smartphone? There's corporate giants who were big in dumbphones but somehow did not manage to develop into the touchscreen age, and now some dudes in the Netherlands want to build one? To make it even harder, a fair one, as far as possible, with regards to working conditions, materials & their origins and the environment? I didn't really think it would be possible when I spent 325 Euros some 7 months back, but obviously it is: Today, the "Fairphone" arrived. This is a signal to any company: No matter how complicated and safe your business may seem, innovation can now not only come from your competitors or highly funded start ups, it can even come from the consumers themselves. If you are not familiar with the concept, check - If you are not sure wether to buy one or not, check this presentation. And when you finally hold one in your hands, brag about it with the hashtag #wearefairphone.