Technology is our friend: Just 8% of Facebook users are desktop-only
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January 23, 2014

Just 8% of Facebook users are desktop-only

Facebook keeps saying they have become a mobile company. Proof? Only 8% are desktop exclusive users.

The data comes from Enders Analysis.
There are many implications on the strategic side of things and it should be alarming for anyone who still denies the mobile shift or assumes that "mobile users" would be mainly "outside their homes". My own usage shifts towards mobile, especially when I am at home and not working, outlined here through that nice Wolfram Alpha tool. But also on a day-to-day perspective of managing Facebook fanpages there are some implications with regards to user behaviour.

1. Visual: The "touch web" (and you can expect that from the 27% "feature", only very few are relevant in your primary markets) becomes more visual. Post more pictures, and write headlines right in the middle of them.
2.  Scrolling: Brand your pictures if you can. Use your colours if they promise a high recognition of your brand. People will be scrolling and scrolling and should recognize your post within a glimpse.
3. Less text: The more visual the usage becomes, the less you can force long text on people. Most probably even 140 letters might be too much. Aim for 80.
4. Form: Images should be square - because Facebook will deliver them square-cut on touch devices. And you may want your core message to be visible without an additional click.

There are a few more interesting consequences from the mobile shift, especially with regards to how "deep" the engagement level of a mobile user can be. If you look at Instagram, the engagement with regards to likes (in relation to total fans) seems to be very high. But you will hardly find a comment with more than 100 letters. I assume that Facebook as a whole will develop in a similar direction.