Technology is our friend: August 2014
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August 16, 2014

I still can't see the "Filter Bubble"

Good job, Internet! A few years ago, everyone was worried about the "Filter Bubble" imposed on us mainly by Facebook and Google. Does anyone remember? Eli Pariser got famous with a book, TED talk and all that, and the German Wikipedia refers to Google and Facebook’s newsfeed as the main examples of how algorithms bias your view of the world.

I was always skeptical about that since I believe that persons should know how to google stuff just like they know how to treat an article in a newspaper, so that’s a matter of education. And since my Facebook newsfeed not only consists of media, but also of persons who I befriended for a variety of reasons, I always believed that “people making me aware of stuff that I would not have searched for” was one of the greatest qualities of Facebook.
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