Technology is our friend: October 2014
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October 9, 2014

What I learned from Wearable Wednesday

Thanks to the one and only Maks, I had the opportunity to visit BMW-hosted "Wearable Wednesday", conducted by Wearable World, yesterday night in Munich. Although Dr.Steven Althaus, Director Brand Management and Marketing Services at BMW and host of the night, is known to be highly affine for such topics and credibly stated that BMW has a “genetically inherent interest” for any new technology, it is already a sign for how much momentum the general topic of wearable technology has gained when a company like BMW hosts such an event – anyone who knows corporations of that size (over 75bn Euros in revenue, close to 8bn Euros in profit), knows that this typically happens at a stage where the question is no longer ‘if’, but only ‘when’. Wearables obviously have passed that stage already.

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