Technology is our friend: Key Takeaways: 5 Things we can learn from BuzzFeed
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December 3, 2014

Key Takeaways: 5 Things we can learn from BuzzFeed

This is the short, list-style version of a longer piece I have written here about what all digital businesses, especially publishers, can learn from the likes of BuzzFeed, Upworthy, BleacherReport, Business Insider and others.

1. Social, mobile, video: all-in or nearly nothing

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Key facts:BuzzFeed gets 5 times the traffic from social than from search. 60% of social traffic is mobile. Sharing from mobile doubles sharing from desktop. And often enough, sharing means pointing friends to video: Consumption peaks at TV primetime and with 18-34 y.o., its reach is bigger than that of any cable TV network in the US.

2. Move beyond agency advertising

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Key facts: No skyscrapers, no medium rectangles, no banners: BuzzFeed experiments with native advertising and creates its own standardized products - and takes over the role of an agency, being deeply involved into the creative process.

3. Create more content

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Key facts: The NYT creates around 350 articles a day, with a newsroom of 1,100 writers. Business Insider publishes 300 stories. With 70 full time editors. BuzzFeed is said to produce over 350 stories, BleacherReport even a four digit number - every day, filling the pipelines of social media streams and feeds on mobile devices.

4. Get a new CMS

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Key facts: Most legacy content management systems are not able to support the amount of content volume that needs to be created and are limited in integrating structured data, social media, audience analysis, search volumes and more information as well as being able to serve a variety of platforms and devices.

5. Facilitate editorial and technology interplay

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Key facts: Investors like Chris Dixon from Andreesen Horowitz sees BuzzFeed as more of a technology platform than a traditional media company. BuzzFeed itself sees technology at the very core of what they do - defining editorial and sales strategies alike.

For more detailed information, links and quotes, please read the longer article that explains how these learnings were derived from a deeper look into the mechanics of social, mobile and video.